About the Team

The team consists of members who have specialized training in several areas that make our team one of the most highly trained, skilled and professional paranormal investigation teams out there.

Psychics: We have several intuitives on the team who help us communicate with entities and non-corporeal beings. They use their abilities to help identify and pinpoint exactly what type of entity is disturbing you, and can help some beings cross over peacefully on their own.

Energy Workers: Our energy workers are trained on identifying negative energies in a home or on a person so that we may determine if there is a specific area or individual who needs healing or cleansing. Energy workers will clear the entities from a property or person.

Data Analysts: Several of our members use their audio/visual skills to analyze our photographs, videos, EVP, recordings, and other data that we gather while on an investigation. This helps us sort through what’s happening (and what isn’t) and gives our psychics corroboration on what they have intuited.

Security: We have a security detail to ensure the safety of all people during an on-site investigation. You never know when an entity will be angry at being poked or asked to leave.

Lead investigators: Several members of the team are trained as lead investigators. They know what questions to ask, where to search, what can be debunked, and what bears further investigation.

With a combined 30 years of experience investigating and resolving paranormal activity, you are in good hands with the A-Team.