What Makes Us Different

Our primary goal is to bring relief to families who are scared or suffering paranormal activity. Our approach is professional, personal, and reassuring. We will tell you what we believe is happening in your case and talk to you about how we will remove it. We will work at resolving your paranormal issue until the problem is solved and you are at peace once again.

We are also one of the few teams who provides education after an investigation so you can ensure your home remains peaceful and problem-free.

We care about the well-being of you and your family and you will notice that when you first meet us.

A-Team Paranormal uses a combination of intuitives, data, equipment, and investigative skills. We have found over the years that having intuitives on the team helps us pinpoint the source of activity much faster than using equipment alone. We also bring along people who are skilled at debunking activity so we know that what we’re left with is truly paranormal.

With A-Team Paranormal you are getting a crack team of specialized investigators with the experience and skills to solve your problem.